Super & Super Lawyers


Super & Super provides a highly experienced yet more personal law service to clients seeking exceptional standards of advice. The firm is privately owned and all cases are led by the principal of the firm, ensuring the highest level of expertise.

We believe in following a ‘no-nonsense’ honest approach to each matter. We develop a clear strategy and then proceed with absolute transparency at each stage of the process.

The hands-on approach of Super & Super has the additional benefit of providing our clients with a full understanding of the legal process and ultimately achieves more satisfactory and collaborative outcomes. We are highly organised to ensure our clients get prompt service and the most cost effective outcome.

The firm prides itself on being precise in all actions and in providing exceptional advice and service in all areas of family law, commercial litigation and dispute resolution. Our team have handled a broad spectrum of cases from the simple to the highly complex. So whatever your circumstances, you can rest assured the team at Super & Super are here to help.

We also work closely with other professionals to offer you a team of trusted advisers to act on your behalf when and if you need it. These include barristers, forensic accountants, and other professionals who are experts in their field and have been associated with us for many years.


Gideon is an exceptional lawyer.
He has a gift with words and legal letters, which means protracted legal actions can be prevented. He cares and went the extra distance to achieve great results.
If I need a lawyer, I would always choose to work with Gideon first


Gideon is the founder and driving force behind Super & Super Lawyers.

Gideon has been practising as a lawyer since 1993. During his professional career he has earned a reputation for diligence and success in a mix of private practice and in-house counsel roles. Gideon’s experience as in-house Counsel for multinationals provides him with a unique insight into complex financial cases and dealings with high net worth individuals.

He has personally handled hundreds of matters, ranging from the straightforward to the highly complex. In each case, whether relating to financial and parenting matters in the Family Court or commercial disputes, his aim is to provide timely, sensible and logical advice to ensure the best outcome can be achieved as early as possible.

Gideon is supported by a team of very experienced legal personnel.